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Becoming a better team through video analysis


Thanks to the video analysis system, matches and training sessions can be captured.
We place high quality cameras sufficiently high up next to and behind the goals and on the center line. That way we can guarantee capturing the whole match and the actions of the players.

With the specialized software of our partner 360° SI, the different phases of the game are clearly recognized. The function “automatic summary of the match” is currently under development.

All images and tagged game phases accessible on an online platform


Thanks to the automatic recording, each member of the technical staff can choose which images they want to work with via the dashboard. You don’t have to do anything else. The matches are recorded and they are placed automatically in an on-line environment every member of the technical staff has access to after the match.

No more hassle storing the files and images, having sufficient storage space or sharing them among each other GDPR-proof. There is 1 platform where everyone of the technical staff has access to.


Easy live tagging


Each trainer can tag those match phases he needs as a trainer during the match with his cell phone or a tablet.

No more wasting time and endless scrolling after the match to tag the phases. An export of selected footage is no longer necessary.

The software allows you to start using the tagged phases immediately after the match. The clips you make can be used for training purposes, can be shared online or can be shown in the canteen to relive the match.

The images, captured by a recognized security company, can also prove useful should a discussion arise. Thanks to the images, the clubs can better monitor fair play.

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No worries about maintenance, software updates or outdated hardware

No difficult management or worrying about outdated hardware. DLC is a system integrator and has over 25 years of experience in integrations and services. Unburdening customers is their second nature.

After installation, Sport Systems takes care of the maintenance, software update and hardware renewal. Hardware is quickly outdated and we make sure that the equipment always stays up to date.

Partnering with us, you do not run the risk of outdated technology or technical defects. A service contract is included in the price.

We take care of the technical side. You can concentrate on the sporting side and on increasing the involvement of sponsors and supporters.

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