Raise fan engagement

Supporters are a big driving force behind the club.
You want all supporters to experience the matches as active as possible.
Around the field, in the canteen and at home, you can give the supporter that real club feeling.

In the canteen

The video analysis sport system also includes a monitor (touch screen option).

This screen can be hung in the canteen.
All supporters can follow the match or training.
Ambiance and atmosphere assured during and after the match. All selected highlights can be viewed and relived together.


Supporters @ home

As family or friend of a player, you don’t have to miss anything anymore.
The footage can be streamed live. So everyone can support from a distance.
And you can easily share highlights on social media.

This way, as a club, you realize a much bigger reach. Having a more extensive fan base makes your club even more attractive to interested sponsors.

Will you also become a club that lets the players and supporters choose the goal of the week? Interaction, atmosphere and an increased club feeling guaranteed.

Around the field

With the package video analysis system + led scoreboard match images and training phases can be shown directly on the field.
The scoreboard is a multifunctional scoreboard that nicely displays the score, match phases, replays, important messages as well as the sponsors.

An enormous added value for players + technical staff + supporters + sponsors. As a club you want to sign for that.

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